Why Birchley Estates?

Gaining Planning Permission is not an easy process and complications often arise. Therefore, it is important to have someone working on your behalf with a clear understanding and sound knowledge of land values, the intricacies of the local planning authority and technical experience in land promotion.

Only once a sale has been realised, will we take a pre-agreed percentage of the final market value.

  • No up-front costs to the landowner
  • No hidden charges
  • Nothing to pay until planning is secured and a sale realised
  • If planning permission is not successful, there is nothing to pay. We carry that risk, not you. Be assured, we take on only those projects we are sure will succeed
  • Every project is unique so we tailor the work to create the best possible outcome with the client’s satisfaction our priority.

Get in touch and we will arrange a face to face meeting with no obligation to discuss your options.

T: 01527 871 572   |   M: 07825 347 647